Contour Cutting

Add that extra WOW! factor with contour cutting. Digital display boards cut to shape offer a unique twist that will ensure your marketing displays stand out from the crowd.

From lifesize policemen to counter top point of purchase (POP) displays contour cut graphics attract attention every time.

We've cut shapes into foam board, pvc, display board and all manner of substrates up to 5mm thick to produce character cardboard cut outs, photo backboards, free standing display units (FSDUs) and innovative POS displays.

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contour cutting sample world cup contour cutting sample easter basket
contour cutting sample policeman

You may hear contour cutting referred to as profile cutting, CAD cutting, die cutting or digital die cutting but in fact no dies need to be made and therein lies the beauty of the process. Dies can be expensive to produce and are normally only feasible for long runs where the cost can be recouped. Contour cutting means that short runs and much larger sizes are easily affordable - and can be produced in a fraction of the time it takes to manufacture a complicated die.

Contour cutting utilises sophisticated software technology to drive a cutting blade which cuts shapes quickly and cleanly. From one to one hundred, 1800mm wide by whatever media length is available, into 5mm PVC. 5mm foamboard, folding boxboard, display board, cardboard, vinyl, self adhesive vinyl, paper, fabric and more.

Ideal for innovative marketing displays during Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day and Easter.