Bespoke wallpaper NEW

For that unique look to a room our bespoke printed wallpaper is just stunning.

Feature walls have never looked so good. Your very own image covering the wall from floor to ceiling reminding you of a wonderful holiday or special day. Maybe a graphic that brings a sense of calm to the room or motivating image creating the desired atmosphere.

Self adhesive or paste wallpaper is available:

SmoothWall II sticky is a robust and 100% PVC-free wallpaper suitable for indoor use. Perfect printability and self-adhesive reverse side make for even easier processing than with previous fleece wallpapers. In addition, it can be removed “dry” for up to 4 weeks without any residue.

SmoothWall FR is PVC-free, which makes it extremely environmentally friendly. Thanks to its DIN EN 13501 flame-retardant certification, there are no limits to its use indoors. Plain, smooth surface with a special finish for almost photo-realistic image reproduction. Easy to use and apply with common fleece pastes whilst its excellent dimensional stability makes butted application easy – producing clean results.

Bespoke wallpaper